About us

We are a company which treats safe carriage of people not only as a way to conduct business, but also as a need to cater for people who want to get to their destination at fix time.

Your time is just as valuable to us as our own. Therefore, punctuality plays a huge role in our work. We adopt this feature as a point of honor in the execution of orders. We are pleased that there are more and more people who grant their reliance in us, because these customers are the assessment's determinant of our work. Our drivers are characterized by a large general knowledge, skills, discretion, readiness to assist in the available oppotunities and good manners.

We have both a national and abroad license for passenger transport. So we are able to go where we are requested by the client. However, we always advise the economical solutions because of the client's goodness and expenses' view. Therefore, we generally serve clients from designated cities by region such as: Dębica, Jasło, Tarnów, Kraków - Balice (airport), Rzeszów, Mielec, Ropczyce, Sędziszów, Pilzno.


Rent a car

Your car is in use and you have nothing to get? Do you need a car? Take an advantage of our cars' rental offer.

You have plenty of things to do and your car has just broken down, crashed, or you have already had an accident ... You do not have to worry anymore. We can recommend you to rent a replacement car in our offer.

Few people know that the car insurance includes a replacement car while you are having your car repaired.


A car with a driver

If you are looking for a vehicle suitable for you or a group of people, take into consideration our wide range of services, which include a bus and a driver hiring, runs off and standing orders of transporting people.

Carriage of individuals and groups of people includes trips or tours, rides for the ceremonies, rides for employees' training or conferences, rides for sports events, or even rides for family gatherings.

We drive many kilometers every day.

That is why, our cars are a good place for the advertisement.